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Pangu Jailbreak, the unofficial faq

The Chinese team Pangu recently released an universal jailbreak for iOS 7.11 and 7.12. Only an iPhone 4 jailbreak was available prior to this. There are many guides online, but there are undocumented issues I have found that I don’t see written anywhere. That’s why I wrote this.
Additional Steps for a successful installation
Disable pass-code, Wi-Fi and iCloud
Click on the Pangu App as soon as you see it (second page)
After the reboot, you need to open the Pangu app again
Do *not* delete the Pangu App if the jailbreak failed and you need to retry
The timeout problem
Many users are getting the red timeout error. To prevent this, on a
Slow/old Phone: You can, and should disconnect your phone when rebooting during the jailbreak process, and only connect it back when the phone is fully rebooted and stable
Slow/old computer: Disable itunes autoload+sync and/or use a faster computer
Also be sure there is not a windows pending response on your iPhone during the process
Never-ending boot loop
Don’t panic in case you’re trapped on the loop boot. Just wait, as the loop will stop and reverse to prior state after a couple of attempts. If not, use Pangu 1.1. Pangu version 1.0 rocks, since it uses i0n1c’s bug.
The right way to do it
There’s only one way to do it without any issues:
1. Backup your iPhone
2. Load a clean .ipsw from itunes (Option+Click on “Check for Update” for Mac users, Alt+Click for Windows users or Shift+Click for older iTunes versions)
3. Restore from Backup
4. Disable WIFI, if restoring from iCloud
4. Jailbreak
Check caches failed issue
Close iTunes. Retry.
Already jailbreaked problem
This is a very common issue. There are people reporting very different hints on how to solve this. Some say “try later” as Pangu might be having problems accessing their servers to call home.
Others say, use a different computer. One think is certain, using version 1.0 you can retry every time you want, and in case it fails, the flag is cleared and you can use 1.1 again.
Apps disappeared
Don’t worry, it’s just the icons. They will be back slowly once the phone rebuilds the index.
Do *not* delete If you do this, the sync might very well fail and you will not get your apps back.
Can’t access raw from USB as before (as in i-Funbox)
Install saurik’s “Apple File Conduit 2″ from Cydia
Note: Using i-FunBox you wont be able to write to applications using the shortcut link on the side menu. Wait for an update. In the meanwhile, use direct path /private/var/mobile/Applications to do the same.
Syncing never finishes
And you also get prompts for passwords from strange Apple IDs? Most probably you had appsync and installed some apps without using your own Apple ID… delete those or the sync will never finish.
The new AppSync is here:
Don’t use it for piracy! If coders don’t get rewarded for their work, why would they do it in the first place? And then who will create the games you love to play?


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